Individual Psychotherapy:

What a Therapist Can Do:

Empathic Listening:  I can create that safe, supportive space for you to connect with your intuition, feelings and dreams.  As you become more and more confident in my nonjudgmental support and deep listening, you will be ready to embark on a difficult but very rewarding journey.

Reveal Patterns:  One part of our work will be noticing and challenging places where you’re stuck and looking to past experiences or traumas to discover what extra resonance a current issue carries with it.  Once you can see your life more clearly, you will be ready to take action to change it.

Challenge:  When I see that you are standing in your own way, based on the goals you have said you want to achieve, I will reveal the roadblock and challenge you to face it.  Usually these roadblocks require persistent, baby steps to make lasting change.  In addition, I will sometimes help you to face the difficult, existential truths of life if I feel it will help you achieve your goals.

Tools for Change:

Cultivating Relationships:  You will cultivate your ability to connect with others.  We will develop that tricky balance between connection and healthy boundaries.  I will help you to see your relationships for what they really are.  In addition, we will work on what can be done on your end to prepare you to find new relationships that reflect your needs.  All of this will be guided not by my thoughts or feelings, but by yours. 

Following Your Bliss:  Following your bliss is about creating life.  You are not simply surviving.  You are vibrant, focused and more grounded.  I can help you find this side of yourself and tap into what it is in life that gives you passion.  This is not necessarily about a particular profession.  It can be a hobby, a belief system, a way of living.  But all of us need to be allowed to discover our inner vibrancy and strength.

Innerwork:  This part of therapy is about connecting with and cultivating inner peace.  We will practice tools for regulating your emotions and finding your intuitive self.  We will locate and turn up the volume on that still inner voice that guides your life using meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Self-nurturance:  Sometimes it is hard to have the kind of empathy for ourselves that we would give to a small child that needs our emotional support.  And yet, within each of us is an Inner Child.  I help clients nurture and connect with this symbol.  By developing a relationship with their Inner Child, clients find that they can finally cultivate self-nurturance and turn down the volume on their self-directed negativity.

Homework:  Homework keeps therapy alive outside of our sessions.  The therapeutic homework I give is never graded, is completely voluntary, and rarely involves paperwork.  Instead you will engage in some action that continues the momentum of the work we have been doing in our sessions. 

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